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Burgess Lumber Hardware

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Fasteners, nails, project hardware, tools & tool belts, glue, caulk, flashing and structural connectors.
Burgess Lumber is large enough to serve you competently, but small enough to serve you personally.
Contact our pro desk for further details or if the item you are searching for is not listed.

structural fasteners, screws and nails

structual wood screws - gun nailsSD fasteners and stainless screwsvarious screws, nails, boltsfinish gun nails - concrete screws

TinberLOK and Gun Nails display
TimberLOK, LedgerLOK and Halsteel Pneumatic gun nails

TimberLOK replaces 3/8 lags - LedgerLOK is the first wood screw engineered to fasten a deck ledger board to the rim with no predrilling.
Halsteel, the best gun nails in the world.

Structural Fasteners and Stainless Screws display
Simpson fasteners and Deckfast stainless screws

Simpson Strong-Tie sd fasteners - Best-in-class, load-tested fasteners
DECKFAST Stainless steel provides superior protection against staining and corrosion

Various screws, Nails, Bolts and All thread display
Grip Rite framing nails and fasteners, Pro-Twist fasteners

First introduced in 1975, Grip-Rite is now the top-selling brand of fasteners in America
Pro-Twist are made with high-carbon-content steel for a sharper, stronger point

Finish gun nail, staples and concrete screw display
Paslode, Porter Cable Grip Rite Finishing Nails - GRK Caliburn Concrete Screws

If you use the GRK caliburn concrete screws you won't go back, try them you'll see why.
15ga, 16ga and 18ga finishing gun nails, 16ga 18ga staples

tools and accessories

hand toolssaw blades and drill bitsoccidental tool beltspower tools

Hand tools, hammers, saws, bits, drives and levels display
Irwin hand tools, Vaughan hammers and bear saws, Stabila Levels

Irwin professional grade hand tools since 1885, Vaughan since 1869 proudly Made in the USA
All pros own a famous Vaughan California Framer, Stabila - German precision engineering

Sawzall blades, circular saw blades and drill bits display
Milwaukee, Lennox and Freud Blades, SDS spade and twist Drill bits

Milwaukee since 1924, Lenox blades made in the USA since 1915
Freud considered by the trades to be the best circular saw blade, made in Switzerland

Occidental Tool Belts
The Highest Quality Tool Belts in the World

Handmade in Sonoma County Since 1980

Power tools and accessories display
Milwaukee and Hitachi - pneumatic electric cordless

Milwaukee since 1924 known for their heavy duty durability by the pros
Hitachi are highly regarded pneumatic nailers

hardware, caulk and adhesives

simpson connectorsgate and fence hardwareglue and spray foamcaulk and adhesives

Simpson strong tie Construction Connectors display
We stock the most common used connectors by the constuction trades

Visit the SITE link for the most up to date connector catalog
Click DECK for a Complete Connector System for Building Code-Compliant Decks

Gate & Fence Hardware display
Gate accessories, hinges, hook & eye, latches & pulls, bolts & screws

National Gate - 3 X corrosion resistant over standard zinc plating.
Stanley Polymer Gate offers excellent corrosion resistance with a baked on enamel finish.

Wood Glue, spray foam insulation and tarps display
Dow - Great Stuff spray foam, Titebond and Gorilla glue

Spray foam fireblocking draft and pest insulation.
Gorilla Glue - Toughest Glue on Planet Earth - Sand it, paint it, stain it

Caulking and construction adhesives display
Alex, Big Stretch, Sikaflex caulks, PL construction & OSI sub-floor adhesive

OSI a professional heavy-duty grade adhesive, PL is common thru out the trades
SIKA sikaflex caulking sealent is considered by the pros to be the best

flashing, paint and stain, cedar samples

flashing and furringpaint, primer and preservativeswood stain and finishesceadr trim and fascia

Weatherproof flashing membrane and roll furring display
FortiFlash flashing membrane, Owens Corning Weatheresist

FortiFlash is engineered to deliver lasting protection against water intrusion in the most demanding environmental conditions

Paint sundries, primer and wood preservative display
Paint supplies, Zinsser primer, Copper-Green preservative

Brushes, rollers, tape, trays and more, Zinseer 1-2-3 for back priming trim
Copper-Green for those ACQ treated lumber cuts - from 1944 in Berkeley

Stain and natural wood finishes display
Penofin stain for Ipe decks, Messmer’s Wood Stains, Finishes and Cleaners

Penofin formulated to penetrate dense hardwoods,
Messmer’s UV Plus is perfect for wood decks, fences and siding.

Evergreen Western Red Cedar info and samples display
Clear heart vertical grain KD fingerjointed western red cedar Trim & Fascia

Factory applied oil-base prime, naturally decay resistant - 50 year warranty by TFP